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  • StackMatch

    StackMatch is designed to Stack, Match and Power Split up to three antennas. It can be used to switch antennas in a stack or for beaming multiple directions.

    Works with any antenna design (monoband or multiband) and it can be used as a traditional antenna switch:

    • ANT-A
    • ANT-B
    • ANT-C

    or stacked combination:

    • ANT-A + ANT-B
    • ANT-A + ANT-C
    • ANT-B + ANT-C
    • ANT-A + ANT-B + ANT-C

    It provides a reasonable SWR in all cases.

    The StackMatch will require a control unit as the StackMain ( or similar control units.


    200,00 220,00 
  • StackMain Controller

    The StackMain Controller is an universal stackmatch control unit. It can control any typical stackmatch with 3 antennas that use 4 relays as some of the most popular stacks by Array Solution, SJ2W, RemoteQTH, etc

    In a simple way you can activate any of the 3 antennas connected to the antenna stacks without too complex rotaties. Thanks to a friendly user interface you can see which antenna is activated.

    Includes 2 memories, so with a simple button (red button) you can recall any of the 2 available memories or save a new setup into any of the memories.


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