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  • RemoteBox

    Universal Antenna controller that can be connected with most antenna switchs for remote or automatic control. Example of Antenna Switchs supported:

    • EA4TX (AS1x6, AS1x8, AS2x6, AS2x8)
    • SixPack (2×6)
    • SJ2W (1×6 and 2×6)
    • microHAM (Six Switch, Switch Double Six, ..)
    • RemoteQTH (1x6, 2x6),
    • DX Engineering (DXE-RR8B-HP, DXE-RR8B-SD, DXE-RR2X8B )
    • Ameritron RCS-10

    In this way, the RemoteBox can control those antenna switchs by replacing the original controller. Also a windows program: RBM is included for local or remote control. Since Oct/2016 a special release that supports 4 square verticals is also available.

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  • ARS-USB Azimuth

    The ARS-USB Azimuth Interface is the easiest and highest performance Universal Interface for handling your Antenna Rotor. It's connected to your rotor controller (Yaesu, Kenpro, Daiwa, HAMIV/T2X, Prosistel, etc) and you will be able to point your antennas from your computer automatically.

    The ARS is a universal interface, since it can be adapted to any type of motor controller; the user manual describes the connection of this one, with a long list of supported controllers.

    This model corresponds to an Azimuth version, but it is also available for Azimuth & Elevation (2 rotators)

    We have optionally the cable for some rotator models (Yaesu and Emotator)

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    This is a special version based on the ARS-USB that was re-designed to be used as a rotor controller or replacement for a Yaesu Control Unit (or similar rotators) that operates 24Vdc

    The ARS-CU_Yaesu is a direct replacement control box for Yaesu rotators (G800, G1000, G2800, G450ADC/G450CDC) 

    It includes the same features as the standard ARS-USB adding some extra as:

    • Simple and easy calibration at any rotor position in few steps.
    • Soft start and stop via a PWM. It allows to have a soft starting/stopping ramp.
    • It detects if the potentiometer is out of range and will prevent any accidental problem with the antenna coax. Any problem with the potentiometer or cables are detected inmediately
    • If the motor is jammed by any reason, an alarm will be displayed and the appointment will stop. The user will be noticed.

    All those watch-dog systems (and some more options) will prevent to generate a problem if the potentiometer is damaged by any cause (any wire broken, moisture, a wrong cable connection, etc).  

    This model include a 24Vdc DC-DC module which is necessary for Yaesu motors (G800, G1000, G2800 or new G450DC) and It can operate on emergency power and battery (12Vdc)

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  • Cable ARS-USB

    Optional cables for use with Yaesu controllers

    Yaesu MiniDIN: Yaesu controllers DXA, SDA Series with minIDIN connector

    Yaesu DIN8: Yaesu Azimuth & Elevation controllers with DIN 8 connector

    Emotator DIN8: Emotator Azimuth & Elevation controllers with DIN 8 connector

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