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This year will be again presents at IberRadio during next 15/16 of September.

Following the success of previous editions, we come back with more news and designs.

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We have received during last months many requests to design and supply a simple FrontEnd Limiter based on our 6xBPF-FEL.

The new RX-FEL is already available, a device to help protect receiver front ends from high level signals when operating in the proximity to other transmitters which could damage the receiver.  Some examples where it is necessary to incorporate these protectors are multi-transmitter contest stations, Field Day operations or when we have a station very close to ours.

The equipment includes a gas discharger that derives high voltages to ground, a pair of diodes that limit any incoming signal to low levels and that can no longer saturate or damage the preamplifier of the receiver and two baluns to the input and output that ensure the impedance.

  • RX-FEL

    The RX-FEL is a RF protector and limiter for your radio receiver or SDR. Installed between the RX antenna and the receiver, it will limited any RF signal and will avoid to damage the receiver because strong signals.

    The RX-FEL is a device that will protect the receiver front end from high level signals when operating in the proximity to other transmitters which could damage it. Situations such as multi op contesting, SO2R or Field Day. 

    • Insertion lost better than 0.4dB in HF (1.8Mhz - 50Mhz) 
    • VSWR < 1.06:1 (reception)
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My friend Tobi DH1TW has developed a new web control of the ARS-USB through a simple and effective web interface. He has used one of the most innovative programming languages known as GO (see golang) developed by Google in 2009.

One of the many advantages of this programming language is that it allows generating code for multiple platforms (GNU / Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X or Windows), which means that you only have to maintain a single source code.

It can be downloaded from the Tobi DH1TW page:

the source code and the binaries already prepared for the different platforms.  

The remoteRotator program in addition to providing a simple and dynamic web interface for the control of the ARS, provides access to the traditional program for managing the ARS: ARSVCOM, so that several ARSVCOM clients and web users can be simultaneously connected.

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Some application ideas that Clark W8TN has available in your Blog and you can visit at:

In one of its inputs explains how to put a maneuver command at the foot of the tower and connected to the ARS-USB is used to manage antennas, for example maintenance, from the same base of the tower. The link is here:

Or in a previous entry (April 14, 2017) describes the complete system to work via moon bounce (EME):

Interesting articles that as always Clark has available in his Blog.

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The AS2x2 is a 2×2 antenna switch designed to be used by 2 Radios and where they can share their antennas. A typical application could be a contest station where there are 2 radios in the same band (RUN and InBand). By default the RUN uses the main antenna and the InBand uses a far away reception antenna.

When the Inband need to make a QSO, the AS2x2 will exchange the antennas, so the InBand will use the main antenna meanwhile the RUN will use the reception antenna, so they can still listen their QRG.

If a linear amplifier is used by the RUN, the Inband can also use it for his transmission. In this case, the AS2x2 is connected between the RUN and the Linea Amplifier.

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  • AS2x2


    The antenna Switch AS2x2 is a 2 Input Ports into 2 Outputs Ports, usefull for a contest station where you have a Main Radio (RUN) and a Multiplier Station (Inband) at the same band. In this way, the RUN station uses the main antenna(s) while the Inband station is looking for new multipliers or QSOs and uses an RX antenna located far from the main antenna. As soon as the Inband station passes to TX, the switch AS2x2 inverts the antennas, passing the Inband station to use the Main antenna while the RUN does not run out of antenna put to use the antenna of RX.

    The AS2x2 can be connected between the RUN Radio and the Linear Amplifier (in case a Amplifier is used) and between the Inband Radio and the RX antenna. As soon as the Inband Radio activates the PTT the AS2x2 will exchange the outputs, so the Inband will use the Linear Amplifier and the RX antenna will be assigned into the RUN Radio.

    The AS2x2 can be used combined with the Interlock 5R so in this case, the Interlock 5R will control automatically the antenna switching.




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As an option to the Interlock we have just added the AuxBox

Any any equipment that don’t incloude an Inhibit signal can use this box for the microphone and cw interconexion.

So the Mic and CW connectors are conneted to this new box and from the box to your Radio. When the Inhibit is activated by the Interlock 5R, the signal will activate the relays inside the AuxBox so the radio will not transmit.

You can read more about the product at the Shop section:

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We have just added 2 remote antenna switchs models to our product list:

  • AS1x6: Remote antenna switch for 6 antennas y 1 output
  • AS2x6: Remote antenna switch for 6 antennas y 2 outputs

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