ARS-USB Manuals

The ARS-USB product include 3 manuals

RCI-USB_EN is the reference manual and it describes the hardware interface (RCI-USB PCB), their connectors and location. Also how must be installed the driver (.INF) in Windows.

The Quick Instalatation Guide is a step by step manual that explains how to do the wiring between the RCI-USB and any antenna rotator (Yaesu, Hy-Gain, Prosistel, etc)

The ARS-USB is accesible via a serial/COM Port once it’s plugged to the computer. By means of a Terminal (i.e. HyperTerminal, TeraTerm, Putty, etc) you can send commands via that serial Port so you will need a list of all commands supported. For the appointing and rotor control, it supports the same Yaesu GS232A commands,

This is the guide of all ARS-USB commands supported.

ARS Manual - Obsolete model RCI-SE via Parallel Port (2002-2011)

The RCI-SE Board was sold from 2002 till 2011.

Main reference manual that explains how the ARS-USB works, connectors presented, its location and meaning.

This guide describes the wiring between the RCI-SE and most antenna rotators.

This Quick Installation Guide is very similar to the ARS-USB because it uses the same connentors locations and assignment.

ARS Manual - Obsolete RCI Model via Parallel Port (1996-2002)

This model of RCI PCB was the first available with the ARS. It was operational from 1996 to mid-2002 and replaced by the RCI-SE model

Manual de referencia del primer modelo ARS

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