The ARSVCOM is a Windows program for the control and configuration of the ARS-USB via a simple and friendly graphical interface. 


Latest version available (January 2024) and compatible with Windows 10/11, Windows 7/8.

Includes ARS-USB port detection and automatic update

ARSVCOM release (April/2023) compatible with Windows 10/11, Windows 7/8. It allows to install Eltima Virtual Serial Port (VSP) V7 or V8.
The VSP is used to create a virtual serial port from ARSVCOM. Through this port, other programs can communicate with the ARSVCOM.
Also added DXLog support.
Latest version compatible with Windows XP. It allows to install Eltima Virtual Serial Port (VSP) V7 or V8.
Previous release – July/2016

The ARSVCOM includes a module to help the configuration of the ARS-USB. You can download the ARSConf if you want only this program but is automatically installed with the ARSVCOM.

Windows 10 compatible (and previous OS). It uses Eltima V8

Windows 10 compatible (and previous OS). It uses Eltima V7

Windows XP y 7/8.1 compatible. It uses Eltima V7

Windows XP y 7/8.1 compatible. It uses Eltima V6

ARS-USB Firmware

The firmware is the program code running inside the ARS-USB microprocesor. This firmware can be loaded, thanks the microprocessor includes a utility called  bootloader and allows reprogrammed.

Remember that you need to use the Teleloader program to update the firmware.


Stable release August/2015. New Driver signed

Because Microsoft from Windows 7 requires signed Drivers, the ARS-USB driver was changed. Since version 2.3a it uses a new signed Driver.

Latest version that used the old Driver (unsigned)


This is the driver for Windows XP, Vista, 7 – 32/64 bits. This file is usefull for Windows to detect the device and recognize it as a CDC device attaching it to a serial port. The driver works on both S.O. 32 and 64 bits.

Note: Windows 10, Linux or Mac OS X does not require any driver (.INF file or similar) to detect the ARS-USB and associate a COM port with versions 2.3a or later


Actual version of the signed driver. Valid for versions 2.3a (January 2015) and later.

Driver not signed; used until ARS-USB version 2.3a

Since ARS-USB v2.3a (Jan/15) the new firmware will require a signed driver.


The Teleloader is the utility that allows you to upload new binaries on your ARS-USB.

Note: You will need the Teleloader V3 if you want to use Windows 10


Windows 10, Windows 7/8.1 y XP compatible.

Tools and 3rd part programs

The Teraterm is a free program for serial port communications. You can use it if you want to make a manual configuration or test the control interface.

The USBDeview is a utility that detects devices connected to USB port. It is very easy to use and helpful when diagnosing a problem in the USB port

This free program is compatible with the ARS-USB (requires V2.3c or later version) and displays a map with azimuthal projection from the user’s location, and using the mouse can handle the ARS-USB.

Other software for ARS
ARSWIN (obsolete)

ARSWIN 2.2a for Windows 9x, NT, 2000 & XP The ARSWIN program was the control program for both RCI-SE and RCI Boards. This program is no longer maintained and has been replaced by the ARSVCOM.

ARSWIN for Linux

Project developed by the team of hamlib that supports the old RCI and RCI-SE Boards. You can visit their site at:

The RCI-SE interface is supported by Hamlib version 1.2.11. Also the two types of ADC are supported: 8 or 10 bits. As the ARS-USB is compatible with Yaesu GS232, it works without any adaptation.

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