[jbutton a_css=”border:4px solid #0097d1;” color=”white” size=”medium”]RB-5  [/jbutton]  


[jbutton rounded=”yes” color=”black”]RBM Program[/jbutton]


The RB Manager program allows you to control the RB-5 unit from a computer.


    [jbutton icon=”download” size=”small” newpage=”yes” link=”https://www.ea4tx.com/files/rbm.zip”]RB Manager [/jbutton]




[jbutton rounded=”yes” color=”black”]Firmware[/jbutton]


The firmware is the program code running inside the RB-5 microprocesor.


[jbutton icon=”download” size=”small” newpage=”yes” link=”https://www.ea4tx.com/files/RemControl_v1_1a.hex”]ARS-USB Firmware V1.1.a [/jbutton]


[jbox color=”yellow”]Remember: you need Teleloader program for upgrade the firmware.[/jbox]  



[jbutton rounded=”yes” color=”black”]Drivers[/jbutton]


RB-5 Drivers for Windows XP, Vista, 7 – 32/64 bits OS. This is a CDC driver (.INF) that helps to recognize the device as a COM port in Windows. Linux or Max OS X don’t need it. It’s the same used by the ARS-USB.


    [jbutton icon=”download” size=”small” newpage=”yes” link=”https://www.ea4tx.com/files/mchpcdc.zip”]ARS-USB Driver (.inf)[/jbutton]


[jbox color=”yellow”]Note: Linux or Max OS X don’t need any driver and they will assign a COM port automatically once the device is plugged.[/jbox]  



[jbutton rounded=”yes” color=”black”]Teleloader[/jbutton]


TeleLoader is a tool that allows you to upgrade the RB5 firmware.


    [jbutton icon=”download” size=”small” newpage=”yes” link=”https://www.ea4tx.com/files/TeleLoader.zip”]TeleLoader[/jbutton]



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