StackMain Program

The StackMain program has been unified with the RBM and now the program used to control the StackMain is the RBM.

StackMain Firmware

The firmware is the program code running inside the ARS-USB microprocesor. This firmware can be loaded, thanks the microprocessor includes a utility called  bootloader and allows reprogrammed.

Remember: you need Teleloader program for upgrade the firmware.


What does it mean: “Firmware with Serial” If you are going to connect several StackMain units in a Linux computer (ie: Raspberry Pi) and you need to identify each unit with a proper ttyACMxx port, a simple method is to use a Serial Id.
So you load a different firmware (_S0010, _S0015, etc) at each StackMain and adding a rule; Linux will identify each device with a SYMLINK name.


This is the driver for Windows XP, Vista, 7 – 32/64 bits. This file is usefull for Windows to detect the device and recognize it as a CDC device attaching it to a serial port. The driver works on both S.O. 32 and 64 bits.

Note: Windows 10, Linux or Mac OS X does not require any driver (.INF file or similar) to detect the ARS-USB and associate a COM port.

Actual version of the signed driver.


The Teleloader is the utility that allows you to upload new binaries on your equipment.

Note: You will need the Teleloader V3 if you want to use Windows 10


Windows 11, 10, Windows 7/8.1 y XP compatible.