Global Shortage of Components

Global Shortage of Components and Stock Issues

There is a problem of electronic components and we are not exempt from this worldwide problem.

The pandemic caused the temporary closure of factories but, above all, with the rise of teleworking, the demand for electronic equipment has multiplied and has caused a real problem of supplying low-cost microprocessors and components in general.

To date we have been able to continue manufacturing and supplying our equipment, although in recent months, we have been forced to have access to opportunistic companies that had stock, with which there have been components that we have had to pay x5 or even x10, but we have also found that there are certain components that are not currently available and in some cases there is no plan “B”. There are some components for which our usual supplier gives us delivery dates of February/2023.

Our usual component suppliers tell us that by 2023 we will apparently return to the previous situation, but what is certain is that during this 2022 being able to manufacture some of our equipment is a complex task and our costs have gone through the roof.

We regret this circumstance and we are forced to report it.

73’s Pablo EA4TX

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