The setup between Logger32 and ARS-USB (if you use the ARSVCOM program) is as follows:

1) Setting a Virtual port into ARSVCOM Software and set the rotor emulation as Yaesu GS232A

2) Setting the rotor as Yaesu GS232A

3) Setting Setup Band & Modes

Result on Yagi Setting on spot at 90°

Result on Rotative Dipole (Offset 90°)

To Turn Rotor into Logger32: CTRL+A (Short Path)
ALT+A (Long Path)

Remember that you can not use the same COM port to create the virtual port and to communicate with the ARS-USB. The Virtual COM port must a free port and unassigned by the O.S.

You can also configure Logger32 directly with the ARS-USB Port without the ARSVCOM program since the ARS-USB device emulates and works as a Yaesu GS232A, so it supports the same command set.