The setup between SatPC32 and ARS-USB (if you use the ARSVCOM program) is as follows: 1) Setting a Virtual port into ARSVCOM Software and choose the rotor emulation as Yaesu GS232A. In this example we’ll use COM3

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2) Now run SatPC32 and select -> Rotor Setup

Select Rotor Interface = Yaesu_GS-232

And then press “search” button.

Select ServerSDX at the SDX folder

Now select the ServerSDX.exe program that it’s located at the \SDX directory. Accept it and automatically the ServerSDX will be displayed.

ServerSDX module

Now you must select “Setup” and chose the COM port defined (Virtual COM Port). In our example it was COM3  

COM3 selected

That’s all! Now when you select a satellite to track, SatPC32 will send the order to the ServerSDX and this module will send to the ARSVCOM it.

Remember that you can not use the same COM port to create the virtual port and to communicate with the ARS-USB. The Virtual COM port must a free port and unassigned by the O.S.

You can also configure StaPC32 directly with the ARS-USB Port without the ARSVCOM program since the ARS-USB device emulates and works as a Yaesu GS232A, so it supports the same command set.