SDR Satellite is a nice, graphical and free program that is included with the popular SDR Console V3.

You can read more about this program at:

This satellite module is all you need in case you are looking for a great and excellent satellite tracker program.

The interface with the ARSVCOM is done via DDE. The SDR Console V3 includes a DDE Server (you must activate and select the Nova DDE Server) and since August 2019 the ARSVCOM includes a DDE cliente that will be connected automatically with the SDR Console -> Satellite module.

1) Run SDR Console and enabled the Satellite module

The Satellite windows will be now visible

2) You must activate the DDE Server. So Go to Help and select Options

3) And finally you must activated the DDE NOVA server.

4) That’s all

My thanks to Ronny DH5UW who collaborated during the development phase

Remember that you will need the ARSVCOM V6.9.1 or newer since this DDE support was added in this release. You can also check that the comunication with SDR Console has been established checking ARSVCOM -> NOVA DDE menu  

SDR Console sends information continuosly via DDE.

This Azimuth & Elevation information makes the rotator work too much so in case you only want updates every 5 degrees you can edit manually the file called: ARSVCOM.INI and change the Delta Azimuth Filter=5 and/or Delta Elevation Filter=5

Example of ARSVCOM.INI DDE Client section:

[DDE Client]


Delta Azimuth Filter=5

Delta Elevation Filter=5

 Note: This file could be located at your C:\Program Files\EA4TX\ARSVCOM directory

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