The setup between SwissLog and ARS-USB (if you use the ARSVCOM program) is as follows:

  1. Select a unused Virtual Port in the ARSVCOM and choose the Yaesu GS232A emulation

2) In the SwissLog define that the rotor is ARS-USB by EA4TX

3) Now select the Communications Port and that corresponds to the Virtual COM Port that you have created in the ARSVCOM

To make an appointing from SwissLog you can do it, by clicking with the mouse on the Rotor Icon (Option A) or by pressing the Control + F2 keys

The SwissLog shows you on the screen at the top right (in the screenshot labeled B) the reading of the ARS-USB.
It also calculates the short and long path for a certain Callsign, in the area captured and labeled C

You could also configure the SwissLog directly to the COM port created by the ARS-USB when connecting to Windows and without going through the ARSVCOM

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