If you want to know if the COM port was correctly assigned or the COM Port Number (COM1, COM2, …) assigned by Windows to the ARS-USB Device, you can follow this guide:

1.- Go to Device Manager:

Windows XP/Vista/Win7 go to Start → Control Panel → System → Hardware → Device Manager

Windows 2000/2003 go to Start → Settings → Control Panel → System → Hardware → Device Manager

Windows 10 go to Start → (right button) → Device Manager

2.- Select Ports and press + so all options will be displayed

If the device is installed properly, you will see “USB to UART (COMX).

Note that X is the number of the COM Port. Any program that needs to communicate with the ARS-USB Board (logger, satellite tracking, etc) needs to use this COMx port.

3.- Port reassignment

1) Go to Device Manager:

2) Right click on the “USB to UART.” Click properties.

3) Click on the “Port Settings” tab and then click the “Advanced” button.

4) Pull down the scrollbar on the bottom left side.  You will see several COM ports listed.  Select one that doesn’t say “in use” next to it.  Then click “OK”.

5) Click “OK” again. Notice that the device will now appear on the previously unassigned port you just selected.  Verify this by closing Device Manager and loading it again.

Note: some times the new port will not work until you restart Windows. So if the new COM port doesn’t work, re-boot the computer

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