Questions about ARSVCOM program


There is no license to use the ARSVCOM when it is used with the ARS-USB. Read more about it:

ARSVCOM calibration

This page describes how to calibrate your ARS-USB correctly. Read more about it:

ARSVCOM Offset Adjustments

In the ARS, offsets can be applied and it can be used in those cases in which there are appreciable differences between what the ARS and Rotor controller shows.

Read how to do it:

ARSVCOM configuration/calibration error

The ARS has some configuration parameters that are often misinterpreted what generates an incorrect configuration. Read about how to calibrate your ARS-USB at

Interface with other programs

There are several ways to control the appointing of your antennas via ARSVCOM from a 3rd part program, Read this article at:

You want to have several ARSVCOM instances because you have 2 or more ARS-USB units

When you have several ARS-USB and you want to use the ARSVCOM, you will need an ARSVCOM program configured peer ARS-USB unit. So you must copy the ARSVCOM in another folder and configure the ARSVCOM for this unit. So go to the directory where the ARSVCOM was installed and copy it with a different name, example:

C:\Program files\EA4TX\ARSVCOM

Copy this folder, example: ARSVCOM2:

C:\Program files\EA4TX\ARSVCOM2

The configuration file is:


So now run this new ARSVCOM and configure the serial/Com port to the values of your serial/COM. I suggest to create a shortcut to this new ARSVCOM located in this new folder