The ARS has some configuration parameters that are often misinterpreted and when they are set incorrectly, generates an wrong configuration. Those parameters are:

  • Left Limit
  • Total Rotation
  • ADC Left and Right Limits
Left Limit
This parameter is the position angle of the rotor at the CCW or Left limit. The ARS needs to know the position of the rotor at that CCW/Left Limit. By default, Yaesu, Kenpro rotators uses 000º as this CCW limit. Other rotator models as HAMIV or Prosistel uses this CCW/Left Limit = 180º.

This value by default is “000″.

Total Rotation
This parameter is used to indicate the total rotation of the rotor.

Some of the most standard valued for some rotors are:

Model  Left/CCW Limit  Total Rotation
Yaesu 000º 450º or 360º
HAMIV/T2X 180º 360º
Some users who have failed to understand the meaning of this parameter, have employed another to try to ARS pointed in the same direction as their antennas. They have used “Antenna Setup” to apply an offset to the antenna and this is not correct. The offset can be used only when you have two or more antennas and one of them is offset with respect to the first and which must always have the offset of 0. You can not use non-zero offset to the first antenna

ADC Left & Right limits

The ARS-USB need to know where are the rotator limits (CCW and CW). The ARS-USB reads the rotator position by means of an ADC. In this way, the rotor position is converted into a digital value (0 – 1023) and the ARS-USB needs to know both ADC values that will be used as end limits. So you must turn the rotor to the CW or Right limit and press the “right button” labeled as CW Note: This value should be as close as possible to 1000-1022. In case the ADC value is far away to that value, you will need to adjust the trimmer for that input. Now turn the rotator to the CCW or Left limit. Just press the “left button”  labeled as CCW, and the ADC value for this limit will be captured.