It is possible that with certain rotators – it is usually with some versions of Yaesu/Kenpro – that although you have performed the calibration correctly, at certain intermediate points of rotation there is a difference between what the ARS-USB and the original controller visualize

Note: Remember first to make the correct calibration:

It is therefore possible that during rotation and in intermediate positions, there may be up to 30 ° difference between what the ARS-USB shows and the controller. In these cases, we must use an option that ARSConf has to readjust offsets and that can be done every 20º

Offset Adjustment

We therefore take the rotator to the top left (in this example to 000º) and begin to note the differences between the ARS and the original command. If the calibration was done correctly, at this first point (000º) the difference between the ARS-USB and the controller must be zero. Now we move the rotator until the ARS display shows 20º. We check the value shown by the rotor controller. For instance if the controller shows 30º, we must enter at the offset field at this position -10 And we do the same for all the rottion range.

For make the offset adjustment, remember you must move the rotor until the ARS-USB displays 20º, 40º, 60º, … We must use the ARS-USB as the position reference and not the Yaesu controller.


In this example we use a Yaesu rotor that uses a 450º total rotation.

ARS-USB Display Yaesu Controller Offset Correction
0 0 0
20 25 5
40 50 10
60 73 13
80 95 15
100 120 20
120 140 20
140 165 25

We can notice that there are differences of 30 at positions of 180, 200 and 220º.  

Save the offset adjustment

Once you have finished the calibration, remember to save it, so press the SAVE button

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