The ARSWIN cannot work in Windows 7 – 64 bits (or any 64 bits OS) or newer O.S. as Windows 10, so this software will not be supported in the future. You have a new program called: ARSVCOM that is free and can work with any OS. We highly suggest you to install this new program as a replacement of the old ARSWIN.

ARSWIN Setup with some programs

The ARSWIN can work with some of the following popular programs:

How must I configure the ARSWIN with a PCI LPT Card?

You must setup the LPT address of the LPT port used by the RCI-SE Board. By default, LPT1 is assigned to 0x378 and LPT2 to 0x278. However if you have another LPT Port or you use a PCI Card – that will use 4 digits in the I/O address – you must select the custom option. If you need to know the address of you new LPT card, go to Control Panel menu, and check the LPT range. A PCI card will show 2 ranges, example:

  • D400-D40F
  • D800-D80F

Normally you must select at the ARSWIN the first value address of the first range; in this example: D400