General questions about rotor control systems

Homebrew rotors and the Potentiometer election

Most antenna rotors include a Potentiometer (POT). This POT provides a Voltage feedback when it’s powered and it’s used by the Control Unit (CU) for displaying the Antenna Position. This POT uses to have 500 Ohms. This resistance value provides a low current, when it’s powered at low voltages.

What does it mean: 8 or 10 bits ADC’s?

Analog-to-Digital Conversion is an electronic process in which a continuously variable signal (analog) is changed, without altering its essential content, into a multi-level (digital) signal.

Is my TV rotor also supported?

Most TV rotors uses 3 wires only so it doesn’t include a Potentiometer; however if you add a POT, you will be able to use your TV rotor with the ARS product.

Adding a Position-Feedback Potentiometer

The following article was originally written by Doug Braun – NA1DB. He explains how to add a position-feedback potentimoter to a TV rotor.

ARS models and versions since 1996

Follow this link and read the history and models of the ARS Hardware.

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