Questions about the ARS-USB

Remote Antenna Control

An excellent choice for remote control of the rotator is using an ARS-USB Unit connected to a Raspberry Pi.

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Can I replace the original controller with a ARS-USB?

Yes, you can!

Initially the ARS-USB was designed to be connected to the original controller, but it is perfectly possible to replace your rotor controller with the ARS-USB Unit.

You’ll need a power supply (typically 24V) and in some AC motors model, also a Start capacitor that will increase motor starting torque. The CD-ROM includes several examples and setups for controller replacements.

Driver instalation in Windows 8

EA4TX Drivers are already signed:

Since January 11, 2015 we use a new Vid & Pid (04D8 & 000A) that is signed by Microchip.

So it means that any ARS-USB since version V2.3A (or newer) use this Vid & Pid and the Driver instalation is done without any problem. If you use a previous firmware, try to use an old computer with XP and upgrade it to the last firmware. Then use the this last signed driver.

In this link you will learn how to upgrade your old firmware:

Some relays are not working (i.e. Left & Down)

The ARS-USB includes a watch-dog system that avoid to activate some relays with the rotor at their limit positions.

Visit this link to get more information:

Modifying Port Assignments in Windows

If you need to know if the ARS-USB device was correctly detected by Windows, or you need to change the COM Port, visit this link:

Is my rotator supported?

Nearly all commercial or homebrew rotators that include a potentiometer are supported.

The ARS-USB includes an 10 bits analog to digital converter (ADC). The voltage feedback from the potentiometer @ rotator is converted into a digital value and then calculated into an antenna position.

A calibration is required to know the ADC positions at both ends (CCW and CW), Left rotator position limit and Total rotation angle.

Recently we have added a new product to our solution: An inclinometer; so also elevation rotors without potentiometer – for instance designed by means of an TVRO actuator – can be controller.

Visit the Shop section to see this new device that can help you to design a low cost, precise and simple elevation rotor.

Important Note: Azimuth rotators that use pulses instead potentiometers are not supported!

What program I can use to manage the ARS-USB?

You can use any program that supports the Yaesu GS232A interface.

The ARS-USB is compatible with the Yaesu GS232 specifications so any program that supports a GS232 will work with the ARS-USB.

Some setups are available at this link:

Note: Remember that it can be used the ARSVCOM program and by means of the Virtual Com Port and rotor emulation, it can emulate some other rotor controllers.

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