1.- Installation of the Operating System in the microSD

We will start by downloading the operating system from the official website:


My suggestion is to use the 64-bit version and of the 2 available options (desktop or Lite), my preference is always the Lite version (without graphical interface) because the console is enough since we will not use the RsPi except for this setup. But if you want to use the RsPi for another use and need the graphical interface, it is another perfectly valid option.

⊗ Note: Once you have downloaded the file, you will have to unzip it (it comes in ZIP format)

The RsPi uses a microSD card as if it were a computer’s hard drive. My suggestion is to use a 16Gb microSD card. Regarding the speed of the card, since it will be the hard drive for the Operating System, the most important thing is that it has good speed in random reading and writing – ramdon read/write. Although don’t worry about this either since you will only notice it when starting up.

To copy the downloaded image on the card, obviously you will need a microSD reader on the PC and the Win32 Disk Imager program that you can download for free from:


Once the program is installed and with a microSD card in your reader, the copy is very simple. You must indicate the place and the name of the file (operating system that you downloaded and unzipped), the unit where the microSD card is and finally press the write button. In a few minutes you will have ready the microSD card with the operating system loaded, then it is time to put the card in the RsPi and turn it on.

It is advisable that when you have finished running all the software, that you use this Win32 Disk Image utility to backup the microSD card. In this case you will indicate the place “Image File” the place where you will save the image, the unit where the microSD card is and in this case you will press the Read button. With this you will always have a backup and a fast reverse.

There is also a utility for Raspberry Pi called: Raspberry Pi Imager, which allows you to copy the image and generate the SD card.

More information about this tool at:


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