The ARS-Shield is a board that can host an Arduino (i.e. UNO) module adding the capability to interface with a rotor (DC or AC) It’s compatible with K3NG rotator controller who provides the Open Code of his project at the web site:

If you enjoy the homebrew and you want to design your own rotor controler this ARS-Shield will be a piece surely you will need and appreciate.


The ARS-Shield supports:

  • 5 relays (ccw, cw, aux, up, down)
  • LCD Display
  • 4 buttons
  • Azimuth and Elevation optional “Signal Conditioner” for rotors that don’t supply 0-5V on their output.

The ARS-Shield can be used with an Azimuth or Azimuth & Elevation rotors.


As an extra option, we can supply an aluminum case which fits perfectly the ARS-Shield. A 16×2 characters Display and 4 buttons are included.

A signal conditioner PCB is also available for those rotors that supply a voltage feedback < 5V  or > 5V. The design includes a Sallen-Key filter to avoid RFI. This PCB unit is delivered assembled and tested.


You can download the Manual and schematic from the links :

The ARS-Shield is only a Shield for the Arduino. No type of support is provided on the K3NG code since the one who requests this product is understood to know the Arduino platform and what he is looking for is a Shield to solve the hardware connection

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  • ARS-Shield PCB:    20 Euros
  • Enclosure + LCD + 4 buttons: 45 Euros
  • Signal Conditioner: 15 Euros
  • ARS-Shield PCB

    The ARS-Shield is a board that can be plugged on a Arduino adding the capability to interface with a rotor. It’s compatible with K3NG rotator controller.

    The ARS-Shield PCB doesn't include components neither the Arduino module.

    As an option you have also available an enclosure with LCD and 4 keys buttons:


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