The ARS-Shield is a board that can host an Arduino (i.e. UNO) module adding the capability to interface with a rotor (DC or AC)

It’s compatible with K3NG rotator controller who provides the Open Code of his project at the web site:

If you enjoy the homebrew and you want to design your own rotor controler this ARS-Shield will be a piece surely you will need and appreciate.


The ARS-Shield supports:

  • 5 relays (ccw, cw, aux, up, down)
  • LCD Display
  • 4 buttons
  • Azimuth and Elevation optional “Signal Conditioner” for rotors that don’t supply 0-5V on their output.

The ARS-Shield can be used with an Azimuth or Azimuth & Elevation rotors.


As an extra option, we can supply an aluminum case which fits perfectly the ARS-Shield. A 16×2 characters Display and 4 buttons are included.

A signal conditioner PCB is also available for those rotors that supply a voltage feedback < 5V  or > 5V. The design includes a Sallen-Key filter to avoid RFI. This PCB unit is delivered assembled and tested.


You can download the Manual and schematic from the links :

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  • ARS-Shield PCB:    20 Euros
  • Enclosure + LCD + 4 buttons: 45 Euros
  • Signal Conditioner: 15 Euros