The ARS-USB (Antenna Rotator System) is the easiest and highest performance Universal Interface for handling your Antenna Rotor. You’ll be able to control your Antenna Rotor from your computer. Connecting the ARS-USB to your PC via a USB Port and later to your Rotator is easy. Within a few minutes, you will be able to point your antennas from your computer automatically.

The ARS is an Universal Rotor Interface, so any rotator – motor with a potentiometer for a voltage feedback – is supported. A user manual is included that clearly details how to interface the ARS-USB to many different rotor models.

The first ARS was announced in 1996 and it included the RCI board – interface hardware with the rotator. 6 years later, the hardware was re-designed and the name of this new interface was: RCI-SE (RCI Second Edition). In all thoses cases, the connection with the computer was via LPT (printer) port. Finally in December 2011, it was announced the 3rd generation of the product: ARS-USB, that included a USB 2.0 port (high speed).

The ARS-USB is detected at the computer as a Serial/COM port, so any program (Satellite Tracking, Logging program, etc.) will be able to control it via this COM Port.  Moreover it emulates a Yaesu GS232A interface; this fact has the advantage that any program that supports a GS232A will support directly the ARS-USB.

There are 3 models available:

  • Azimuth: For one Azimuth rotator (1-axis)
  • Azimuth & Elevation: For controlling 2 rotators, Azimuth and Elevation (2-axis)
  • Azimuth Multi-potentiometer: This new version will support an Azimuth rotator (1-axis) that uses a multi-potentiometer as any Prosistel rotor.

Microcontroller: The ARS-USB is based on a high performance Flash microcontroller @ 48Mhz. 10 bits ADC: The ARS-USB uses a 10 bits ADC (2^10 bits) so a very high resolution on the appointing can be provided.

  • USB native: The microcontroller includes a fully featured USB that is compliant with the USB Specification Revision 2.0. z.
  • Bootloader: It includes a self programmability; it means that it can update itself a new firmware version.
  • 100% Yaesu GS232A compatible: The ARS-USB is compatible with the Yaesu GS232A interface.
  • Serial Port: The ARS-USB is detected by the computer as a Serial/COM Port. It means that it’s not requieres any special driver, DLL or program for control and send commands to it.
  • Any O.S. supported: Tested and working in Windows (XP, Vista, Win 7, 8, 10 & 11), Linux and Mac OS X.

Being compatible with Yaesu GS232A interface, the ARS-USB does not require proprietary software because any program that supports the interface GS232A, will work unchanged. In addition programs are included for easy configuration (ARSConf) firmware update (Teleloader) and management of ARS-USB from a graphical environment for Windows (ARSVCOM). A signed driver for Windows is included so Windows will associate it to a serial/COM port. » Windows 10 no longer requires this driver because it will automatically recognize the ARS-USB and it will associate the ARS-USB with a serial port. Other operating systems such as Linux or Mac OS X does not need too this driver.

Remote Control

By means of the ARS-USB, you will be able to control remotely your antenna rotor. In this case you will use the ARSVCOM – then you will have available its graphic interface – which’re setting type: Remote TCP/IP In addition, your Log or Satellite Tracking program will continue to operate as it’s connected to the Virtual port – created by the ARSVCOM. The ARSVCOM will handle those commands and will route them into the remote ARS-USB.

Remote Control with Node-Red

There is a really interesting emerging platform for accessory control such as the ARS-USB (or RemoteBox). This environment is actually a platform originally conceived for the Internet of Things (IoT) but which in the amateur radio community is being widely used for the control of equipment and accessories.

Visit this link where start up details are explained:

Remote Control with remoteRotator

Another option is the remoteRotator program designed by Tobi DH1TW. You can read about this option at the following link:

3rd part supported programs

Is this program supported?: Yes! Any 3rd part program that supports a Yaesu GS232A is 100% supported. Any program that works with a Yaesu GS232A interface, will work unchanged with the ARS-USB, since it has the same commands. Therefore the implementation is as simple as set in the program you want to control the antenna rotator with the COM Port assigned to the USB port and define the type of interface as a Yaesu GS232A. That is all!

Control Box

In most cases, the ARS-USB will be connected to the original remote controler. If the control of your rotator is ready for an external computer interface, the connection will be very simple and in some cases we have the cable as an option. In the rest of the cases, the idea is to connect the relays that incorporate the ARS in parallel with the turn buttons (CCW and CW) of your motor controller.

In case you wish, the ARS-USB can be used as a Stand-Alone unit and does NOT require a computer. It can be used as a replacement for your original rotator. You will need to add only a 24V – rotator power supply – and a capacitor – on AC rotators that requires. The CD-Rom includes a lot of wiring with most popular AC & DC rotors (Yaesu/Kenpro, Telex/Hy-Gain, Prosistel, Emotator , etc)

Now there are also a new models available: ARS-USB_PST and ARS-USB_YAESU. The ARS-USB_PST was designed to be used as a stand alone rotor controller for a Prosistel The ARS-USB_YAESU can be used as a controller replacement on any Yaesu (DC version) or any DC rotor (12 or 24Vdc)

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  • ARS-USB Azimuth

    The ARS-USB Azimuth Interface is the easiest and highest performance Universal Interface for handling your Antenna Rotor. It's connected to your rotor controller (Yaesu, Kenpro, Daiwa, HAMIV/T2X, Prosistel, etc) and you will be able to point your antennas from your computer automatically.

    The ARS is a universal interface, since it can be adapted to any type of motor controller; the user manual describes the connection of this one, with a long list of supported controllers.

    This model corresponds to an Azimuth version, but it is also available for Azimuth & Elevation (2 rotators)

    We have optionally the cable for some rotator models (Yaesu and Emotator)

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