The ARS-USB is the most complete and best performing universal motor interface on the market. It will allow you to control the positioning of your antennas from your computer through the USB port.

The ARS is an universal interface, since it can be adapted to any type of rotator; The user manual describes its connection, with a long list of supported motors.

The first version of the ARS appeared in 1996 and included the RCI Card – interface board with the engine control. 6 years later, the card was redesigned and renamed: RCI-SE Card (RCI – Second Edition). These two interface models used a connection to the computer through a parallel port. Finally, in December 2011, the third generation of the product was presented: ARS-USB, which includes a USB 2.0 port as extras.

The ARS-USB is detected on the computer as a Serial/COM port, so any program (satellite tracking, Log program, etc.) that configures that port will be able to control it, without the need for additional software. In addition, the ARS-USB works with the same commands/instructions as the Yaesu GS232A, which makes things simpler, since this has the advantage that any program that supports this interface model will work with the ARS-USB. USB.

There are 4 models available:

  • Azimuth: To control a single Azimuth motor.
  • Azimuth & Elevation: To drive 2 motors: Azimuth and Elevation.
  • Azimuth for Prosistel: Version of Azimuth that can be used to replace the original Prosistel controlller. It supports a multiturn potentiometer.
  • Azimuth for Yaesu: Special version that can be used as replacement of any Yaesu controller as G800, G1000, G2800 or G450ADC (all 24Vdc versions)
  • Microcontroller: The core of the ARS-USB is supported by a high-performance Flash microcontroller operating @ 48Mhz.
  • 10-bit ADC: The ARS-USB uses 10-bit analog-digital converters (2^10 bits), which allows it to calculate the position of the antenna and perform its pointing in high resolution.
  • Native USB: The microcontroller includes a USB port in its kernel that complies with the regulations: “USB Specification Revision 2.0.”
  • Bootloader: The ARS-USB includes a bootloader. Thanks to which, firmware updates (binary that is loaded into the microcontroller) can be performed without the need for Eproms or integrated changes. In less than 5 seconds a new version can be loaded.
  • Serial port: When you connect the ARS-USB to a computer via the USB port, it is recognized as a serial or COM port. This has the advantage that any program will be able to send commands and receive responses without the need for adaptations (use of DLL’s or proprietary controls).
  • Yaesu GS232 Compatible: The serial port is compatible with the Yaesu GS232 interface.
  • Supported by any OS: Tested and working on Windows (XP, Vista, Win 7, 8, 10 & 11), Linux and Mac OS.

Being compatible with the Yaesu GS232A interface, the ARS-USB does not require proprietary software since any program supported by the GS232A will work without any changes.

However, programs are included to facilitate configuration (ARSConf), firmware update (Teleloader) and management of the ARS-USB from a graphical environment for Windows (ARSVCOM). Additionally, a signed driver is included so that Windows can recognize it and once loaded, Windows associates it with a serial/COM port.

» Windows 10 or 11 no longer needs the driver, it automatically recognizes it. Other operating systems such as Linux or Mac OS X do not need it either.

Remote rotator control

With ARS-USB you will also be able to remotely control the antenna motor. In this case you are going to use ARSVCOM – then you will have its graphical interface available – which you are going to configure as: Remote TCP/IP In addition, your Log or satellite tracking program will continue to work, since when connecting to the Virtual port they will continue sending the commands to the local ARSVCOM since it will be in charge of sending them to the remote ARS-USB.

Remoto control via Node-Red

There is an emerging and really interesting platform for controlling accessories such as the ARS-USB (or RemoteBox). This environment is actually a platform originally conceived for the Internet of Things (IoT) but which in the radio amateur community is being widely used for the control of equipment and accessories.

Visit this link and I will explain details of the start-up:

Control Remoto vía RemoteRotator

Another alternative is to use the Tobi DH1TW program known as remoteRotator. It is a very simple environment to set up.

You can read more about this system at the following link:

Any program is supported

Any program that works with a Yaesu GS232A interface will work without changes with ARS-USB, since it presents the same commands and is 100% compatible. Therefore, start-up is as simple as configuring in that program that you want to control the rotator with the COM port assigned to the USB port and defining that the type of interface is a Yaesu GS232A. That’s all!

Standalone Control unit

In addition to being able to connect to any rotor controller in parallel, the ARS can also be used as a substitute or replacement for the original controller. You will only need a 24V source (most motors operate at this voltage) and in some AC motor models, a capacitor – which is used to start the motor.

The CD-ROM includes the connection diagrams between the ARS-USB and the most popular motors, both alternating and direct (Yaesu/Kenpro, Telex/Hy-Gain, Prosistel, etc.)

We also currently have 2 models available to be used as spare parts for Yaesu motors (ARS-USB_Yaesu) that operate at 24Vdc and for Prosistel motors (12 or 24Vdc version) that use multiturn potentiometer.

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  • ARS-USB Azimuth

    The ARS-USB Azimuth Interface is the easiest and highest performance Universal Interface for handling your Antenna Rotor. It's connected to your rotor controller (Yaesu, Kenpro, Daiwa, HAMIV/T2X, Prosistel, etc) and you will be able to point your antennas from your computer automatically.

    The ARS is a universal interface, since it can be adapted to any type of motor controller; the user manual describes the connection of this one, with a long list of supported controllers.

    This model corresponds to an Azimuth version, but it is also available for Azimuth & Elevation (2 rotators)

    We have optionally the cable for some rotator models (Yaesu and Emotator)

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