The ARS-USB is designed around one of the most powerful and versatile microprocessors PIC18 family. Their Flash technology allows you to reprogram without hardware changes.

This microprocessor incorporates in its core a USB port as specified USB rev 2.0. which it is detected by the computer as a serial/COM port, plus 10-bit ADCs. 10 bits means you can get 2 ^ 10 = 1024 different states of an analog signal, applied to a rotator with 360° rotation, provides the following resolution:

Resolution (max) = 360 / 1024 = 0,35º

That is, the ARS-USB connected to a motor and properly calibrated for 360° rotation, it can get the motor position each 0,35º.

As the ADC operating in the range of 0-5V and rotators typically provide different ranges, the ARS-USB includes a conditioner electronic using Op IC and a simple adjustment via a trimmer which allows to adjust the ranges of any antenna rotor to the ADC input. It also includes a filter to prevent and reject any signal that might be induced.


Microcontroller: Pic microcontroller @ 48Mhz.)

Output via relays: Control of movement through 5 relay outputs (model Azimuth & Elevation)

  • Right
  • Left
  • Auxiliar (it can act as brake or speed control)
  • Up
  • Down

LCD Display: LCD Display (16×2) showing the positions of the rotator and the preset value; also the state of the relays.

RFI Filter: The analog inputs include both Pasive (ceramic) and active filters as far as possible to avoid any unwanted signal.

4 Buttons: 4 buttons for manual control of the unit (buttons Left / Right / Up / Down). The auxiliary relay (brake or speed) is handled automatically by the software.


The wiring between the ARS-USB and the original rotor controller will depend on each rotor model. Some rotors are ready for this connection so they are Plug & Play. However other rotators require a manual wiring between the original controller and the ARS-USB. All this information is described in the manual but the idea is to connect the ARS-USB in parallel with the controller. Optionally, the ARS-USB can also replace the original controller, but in this case ARS-USB have to provide the necessary voltage to the motor movement. It is a very interesting and economical solution when we have a faulty control unit. In the user manual those two methods are explained.

Antenna rotator supported
Antenna rotator supported

Virtually any rotator that uses a potentiometer – used as an indicator of position – is 100% supported, since the voltage supplied  by the rotor to the control potentiometer can be adjusted into the ARS-USB range. Thereby any homebrew rotator which includes a potentiometer – used as feedback positioner – will be supported.

  • Rotators that use pulses (i.e. AlfaSpid) are not supported!

Some popular rotators models that have been successfully tested are:

  • Alliance HD73
  • CDE-44
  • CDE-45
  • CDE TR4
  • Create RC5x-3P
  • Create RC5-1
  • Create RC5-x series
  • Create ERC-51
  • Daiwa DR7500R/X
  • Daiwa DR7600R/X
  • Daiwa DR7500R/X & DR7600R/X (Preset 7055)
  • Daiwa MR750/MR300
  • Emotator 1200 FXX
  • Emotator EV-800DX
  • Emotator 1102
  • Emotator 105 TSX
  • Emotator 1103
  • Emotator 1105
  • Emotator 1200
  • Emotator 1300
  • Emotator 1800
  • Emotator 502
  • Emotator 747
  • Emotator 750
  • Giovannini GE 1000/T
  • Giovannini GE 1500/T
  • Giovannini GE 2500/T
  • Kenpro KR-400RC
  • Kenpro KR-450XL/KR-650XL
  • Kenpro KR-500
  • Kenpro KR-600RC
  • Kenpro KR-600S
  • Kenpro KR-800/KR-1000
  • Kenpro KR-2000
  • Kenpro HR-2700SDX
  • Kenpro KR-5400/KR-5600
  • Pro.Sis.Tel “B”
  • Pro.Sis.Tel “D”
  • Orion OR-2300
  • Telex/Hy-Gain HAM II
  • Telex/Hy-Gain HAM IV
  • Telex/Hy-Gain T2X
  • Telex/Hy-gain HDR-300
  • Yaesu G-250
  • Yaesu G-400
  • Yaesu G-450ADC/G-450CDC (New)
  • Yaesu G-500/G-500A
  • Yaesu G-550
  • Yaesu G-450A-C/650A-C
  • Yaesu G-800SA/G-1000SA
  • Yaesu G-800S/G-1000S
  • Yaesu G-800SDX/G-1000SDX
  • Yaesu G-800DXA/G-1000DXA
  • Yaesu G-2800DXA
  • Yaesu G-1000DXC
  • Yaesu G-1000C
  • Yaesu G-2000RC
  • Yaesu G-2800DXC
  • Yaesu G-2800SDX
  • Yaesu G-5400
  • Yaesu G-5500
  • Yaesu G-5500DC (New)
  • Yaesu G-5500ADC/G-5500CDC (New)
  • Yaesu G-5600
  • TVRO actuator with POT (2 wires)