Any program that works with the Yaesu GS232A interface, will work unchanged with the ARS-USB, since it has the same commands and is 100% compatible. Therefore to control the ARS-USB from any program, you just need to set the rotor interface as a Yaesu GS232A (or compatible).

You can set any speed (2400, 4800, 9600 or 19200) since it is a virtual COM port.

ARS-USB controlled by MacloggerDx

On the other hand, the ARSVCOM – program that comes with the ARS Product – includes a DDE client compatible with the Nova API, then any program that includes a DDE Server can be integrated.

Integration with third-party programs by means of ARSVCOM

If you want to use the ARSVCOM and also that another program can simultaneously control the antenna rotator – for example, a program log or satellite tracking) then you must create a virtual port on the ARSVCOM and use this virtual port from the program you will use. Thus, the ARSVCOM opens the serial port associated with the ARS-USB but also will create a virtual port, which will be used by that program. As you imagine, the load order of the programs is important, then you must first load the ARSVCOM, wait until it has created the virtual port and finally load the program.

Through the Virtual Port created, ARSVCOM may behave or emulate various types of rotator or controllers. Although the standard rotator option is the Yaesu GS232A (default), the ARSVCOM can emulate other drivers such as:

  • Yaesu GS232A
  • Orion M2
  • EasyComm-1 / II
  • TrackBox
  • ProSisTel “D”
  • DCU-1
Integration samples

Some popular programs and their configuration to support the ARS-USB (or through the ARSVCOM program) are described in this FAQ page:

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