The ARSVCOM program is included in the product; it can handle the ARS-USB through a friendly graphical interface. It is a good choice to control the ARS-USB using the computer  local or remotely.

In addition to the ARSVCOM there is a module that allows you to configure and calibrate the unit. This module is called ARSConf and it’s installed automatically with the ARSVCOM.

The setting is really attractive and easy with this program.

The Teleloader is the utility that allows you to update the firmware (binary that is stored in the Flash microprocessor). With this you will always have updated the ARS-USB.


It’s a simple and friendly windows user interface program to control the antennas really effectively. It includes the possibility of creating a Virtual COM port and through it, to emulate different types of rotor interfaces (Yaesu, Prosistel, etc) so that third-party programs (satellite tracking programs, Log, etc.) can communicate with the ARSVCOM and send control commands. This allow that a user could see the antenna position and control manually via ARSVCOM program but additionally a 3rd part program interface and send commands to the rotor.


The ARSConf is included with the ARSVCOM and is automatically installed with it; the ARSConf used to configure the ARS-USB a visual and simple. It allows you to adjust the motor parameters such as:

  • Indicate the Total Rotation of the motor. 360º is default value, although you can edit and change any value, i.e. 450°
  • Indicate the Left or CCW rotation Limit (default 000º)
  • The ADC value for each limit (CCW or CW limits)

With those parameters, the ARS-USB can calculate the position of the motor from the ADC reads.


The Teleloader is used to update the software or firmware into the microprocessor. They are files with the .hex extension and are loaded on the equipment.

In the Download area are always available lastest ARS-USB versions. Using this tool, changes of Eproms or chip on the equipment are no longer needed.

♦ Remember to enable this “bootloader” mode you need to power on it in a special way. Press the F1 (red) button and turn on the ARS. Note: The LCD display does not work when this function is activated. When a new firmware is loaded, the equipment will reboot and start in normal mode.

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