ARSVCOM is a computer program that can control any of the following devices:

  • Antenna Rotator System Interface (ARS-USB or ARS-LPT)
  • Prosistel “D” Serie rotor
  • A Remote rotor for instance a remote ARS-USB plugged in a Raspberry Pi.

A friendly graphical interface allows you to control your antennas in a simple way. It includes a great Extra; a virtual COM port can be generated by the ARSVCOM and through it, it can emulate various rotor driver models as Yaesu, Create, Prosistel “D”, etc. In this way, any 3rd part program (for instance HRD) will detect a rotator model (Yaesu GS232A) via this Virtual COM Port and the commands will be routed to the real interface (ARS or Prosistel).

Main window
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Note: The ARSVCOM program is included with the ARS-USB Product

You can download the ARSVCOM Help file. It is the best way to know all the options available, without having to install the program

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