Often in a Multi Station, where are several antenna rotors available – each associated with a band – after band change of the Running station, we forget that we have now in front, an antenna controller of a different band. It is not advisable to move the antenna controllers during the contest. This is an additional factor of risk that sooner or later and we will make a human error.

To avoid this and provide operators control the rotators, since ARSVCOM V5.3, has incorporated a specific functionality for contesting software: WinTest; the ARSVCOM detects which band is active in each position, and automatically selects the antenna that has been configured for that band. Furthermore, all the controls are concentrated in a single place in the shack and not move anymore.

ARSVCOM in a Win-Test network

Imagine we have a contest station with 4 antenna rotators (10m, 15m, 20m and 40m). Rach rotator is controlled by a ARS-USB unit and those ARS-USB units are all connected to one RsPi as explained at Remote TCP/IP Control.

Win-Test Network consists of:

  • 2 Running stations (Run-A & Run-B)
  • 1 Multipliers Station
  • 1 Raspberry Pi where 4x ARS-USB are connected and where the ser2net service is running

The Raspbery Pi will use ser2net service with 4 different ports – one peer rotator.

A.- Activate the Win-Test networking messaging

Now we run ARSVCOM program and activate the Win-Test networking messaging.

B.- Remote site setup

Now you must use the Directory and create 4 entries; each one will use the IP and Port of the RsPi where ser2net Service is running.

So when each of the entries are used, it will be connected with any of the 4 Remote ARS-USB units.

C.- Win-Test antenna/rotor selection

Finally select the Broadcast IP and port used on the Win-test Network.

Then select each of the Remote ARS-USB directory entries and associate each of them to a band.

D.- Win-Test and antenna control

The ARSVCOM listen the Win-Test messaging and it knows the band where the operator is; automatically the ARSVCOM connects with the associate ARS-USB for that band.

When a user sends a rotor command (Ctrl-F12 or Alt-F12) it’s captured the heading and is sent to the remote ARS-USB.

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