The RemoteBox is an universal antenna switch controller, compatible with most of the market; examples of these antenna switches are:

  • SixPack (2×6), SJ2W (1×6 y 2×6)
  • MicroHAM (Six Switch, Double Six Switch, ..)
  • RemoteQTH (1×6, 2×6)
  • Ameritron (RCS-8, RCS-10)
  • DX Engineering Antenna Switches (DXE-RR8B-HP, DXE-RR8B-SD, DXE-RR2X8B )
  • our EA4TX models (AS1x6, AS2x6, AS2x8, AS2x12, …)
  • etc.

In this way the RemoteBox can handle any of these switches which replaces the original controller. Also the RemoteBox can be connected to a computer, then you can handle the antennas through RBM program driving the antenna switch locally or remotely (eg via Internet).

It also includes a BandData input (2 BandData inputs with models: 2×6 or 2×8) so it can read the band in which the radio is operating and automatically switched the antenna. This prevents human error to change the band on the radio and hanging out with the a wrong antenna. The unit supports the following antenna switchs: 1×6, 1×8, 2×6, 2×8 or 2×12 or Vertical Phased antennas: 1×4 In models with 2 outputs (2×6 or 2×8) you can assign priorities to resolve conflicts when the same antenna is selected to the 2 radios.

The RemoteBox doesn’t allow to select the same antenna on both radios. The RemoteBox includes a display where it’s displayed the antenna selected and name, allowing to customize the positions of the antennas. It includes a quick release system hoses. Also it includes an auxiliary output that can be used to automatically switch filters (eg ICE Model 419 or similar). Thus when reading through BandData which band is the Radio, not only switches the antenna but switched the filters on the right side via this Aux port.

There are 6 Model available
  • RemoteBox 1×4: 1 output and 4 antennas. This is an special version for 4 element Phased Verticals
  • RemoteBox 1×6: 1 output and 6 antennas.
  • RemoteBox 1×8: 1 output and 8 antennas (available also a special version for Ameritron RCS-10)
  • RemoteBox 2×6: 2 outputs and 6 antennas.
  • RemoteBox 2×8: 2 outputs and 8 antennas.
  • RemoteBox 2×12: 2 outputs and 12 antennas
RBM Program

The RBM program is included with the RemoteBox and is used to easily manage and configure the RemoteBox controller. It is a program for Windows and with a simple, powerful and friendly interface.


The RemoteBox includes a number of options that allow defining the priorities of the radios, avoiding the switching of the antennas when the radio is in transmission (hot-switching), being able to automatically activate an antenna to transmit and another for reception, etc.

How does it work

The RemoteBox is not a simple antenna switch. Since it can be controlled by a computer, it is the perfect choice for a Remote Antenna control. In addition, by connecting by Band Data (or interface by voltage level) with its radio, RemoteBox reads the band in which it is operating and automatically switches its antenna, which simplifies automation station and eliminates the possible human errors.

The RBM program can read and analyze messages from Win-Test and N1MM networks, so it can know and detect the band for any station so it can automatically select the antenna for that band and radio. You can read more about this feature at the following links:

Remote Control with Node-Red

There is a really interesting emerging platform for accessory control such as the RemoteBox  (or ARS-USB). This environment is actually a platform originally conceived for the Internet of Things (IoT) but which in the amateur radio community is being widely used for the control of equipment and accessories.

Visit this link where start up details are explained:

Remote Control with remoteSwitch

The RemoteBox can be controlled both locally and remotely and is the optimal solution for remote stations controlled by the Internet. In addition to the control through the RBM program, it can be controlled thanks to the new Tobi program: remoteSwitch

Vertical Phased Antennas

An special version is available to control 4 element phased verticals (example TK5EP) with the following truth table:

Directions, phasing and relay powering
Direction K1 K2 K3 Ant 1 Ant 2 Ant 3 Ant 4
NW 1 1 1 180° -90° -90°
NE* 0 0 0 -90° 180° -90°
SE 1 1 0 0 -90° 180° -90°
SW 0 0 1 -90° -90° 180°
  • 5/12V relays: The RemoteBox can handle any Antenna Switch that uses 5 or 12VDC relays.
  • Switches up to 12 antennas and 2 outputs: The RemoteBox supports antenna switchs up to 12 antennas and 2 outputs.
  • Antenna Monitoring:  Thanks to RBM program can be activated and monitored antennas.
  • Microcontroller: The ARS-USB is based on a high performance Flash microcontroller @ 48Mhz.
  • USB native: The microcontroller includes a fully featured USB that is compliant with the USB Specification Revision 2.0. z.
  • Bootloader: It includes a self programmability; it means that it can update itself a new firmware versión.
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  • RemoteBox

    Universal Antenna controller that can be connected with most antenna switchs for remote or automatic control. Example of Antenna Switchs supported:

    • EA4TX (AS1x6, AS1x8, AS2x6, AS2x8)
    • SixPack (2×6)
    • SJ2W (1×6 and 2×6)
    • microHAM (Six Switch, Switch Double Six, ..)
    • RemoteQTH (1x6, 2x6),
    • DX Engineering (DXE-RR8B-HP, DXE-RR8B-SD, DXE-RR2X8B )
    • Ameritron RCS-10

    In this way, the RemoteBox can control those antenna switchs by replacing the original controller. Also a windows program: RBM is included for local or remote control. Since Oct/2016 a special release that supports 4 square verticals is also available.

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