The RemoteBox allows you to configure the name of the antennas, activate the input of the Band Data to automatically assign the antennas when changing the band on the radio or prioritize the antennas to any of the radios.

Available options
Radio Priority

In models with several radios (2×6, 2×8) you can define the priority when assigning an antenna to one of the radios. In this way we can define which antenna will be assigned to which radio, in case of a possible conflict such as trying to use the same antenna for the 2 radios:

  • Radio A priority: Radio A will always have the priority and will win the antenna.
  • Radio B priority: Radio B will always have the priority and will win the antenna.
  • Last Radio priority: the Radio that selects an antenna, will have the priority and will win that antenna even if that antenna was already assigned to the other radio.
  • First Radio priority: The first radio that selects a free antenna will have the priority and will win the antenna.
PTT Control

The PTT signal of each radio can be used to:

  • Avoid Hot-Switching: so that if the radio is in transmission, you can not change the antenna. The change will be pending until the radio goes to reception.
  • Independent use of TX / RX antennas: Upon detecting that the radio goes to TX, a defined antenna will be activated; once the radio goes to reception, it recovers the antenna that was in use.
Band Data activation

The Band Data interface (Yaesu or Elecraft K3 devices) or Band Voltage (Icom) can be activated on each Radio. Through this interface you can define the automatic assignment of the antennas to each Radio.

Auxiliar Output

In the 15-pin Auxiliary connector we have 6 pins per radio and that correspond to the detection of the bands:

  • 10m
  • 15m
  • 20m
  • 40m
  • 80m
  • 160m

So if any of these bands is detected by means of connector BD1 (Radio A) or BD2 (Radio B) on its corresponding pin. These signals can be used to activate a multiband bandpass filter (BPF). Also, if necessary, this activation can be deactivated.


The models with 2 radios include an alarm or buzzer and it is activated if a conflict is detected when selecting the same antenna at 2 radios. This acoustic alarm can be deactivated.

4 Square Graphic

The RemoteBox 4-Square allows you to select instead 4 buttons, a graphical interface with several options and offsets defined by the user

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