This configuration can be used with RemoteBox 1×6 or 1×8 and N1MM configured as SO2V. You will need RBM program V1.14.1 or newer.

The setup is:

You must activate at the N1MM the “Radio” option, in this way N1MM will send this type of data to the broadcast address.

If you use only one N1MM computer, you can left the “Station Name or IP” clear. When 2 computers are used, you must configure the “Station name or IP”. Station name is the computer name that you can see at the Network Status window.

Also you must configure at RBM program the same broadcast address used by N1MM and the Port (remember the default port is 12060). 

In the case of SO2V where there is only ONE radio, the method to choose the QRG of VFO A or VFO B is based on the N1MM focus and this RBM Setup:

  • Radio 1 -> Radio 1 VFO = VFO-A   
  • Radio 2 -> Radio 2 VFO = VFO-B

Note: There is not Radio 2 but internally it works as there is 2 radios

In this way, N1MM will announce for VFO A and VFO B the Band information and which one has the focus. It will be received by the RBM and based in the Banddata set, the antenna of VFO A or B will be selected.

This option was added in Feb/2022 so you will need to run RBM V1.14.1 or newer versions