You can control from N1MM your RemoteBox, in this way when you change any of the Radio bands (Radio 1 or Radio2) it will be automatically detected and changed the antenna properly.

The setup is really simple:

You must activate at the N1MM the “Radio” option, so N1MM will send this type of data to the broadcast address.

If you use only one N1MM computer, you can left the “Station Name or IP” clear. When 2 computers are used, you must configure the “Station name or IP”. Station name is the computer name that you can see at the Network Status window.

Also you must configure at RBM program the same broadcast address used by N1MM and the Port (remember the default port is 12060). Also which radio will be enabled so when it receives information from Radio 1 or Radio 2 that info will be used.

In this way, N1MM will announce for Radio 1 or Radio 2 the Radio information, and it will be received by the RBM and based in the Banddata set, the antenna(s) will be selected.

And for the case where SO2V is used, visit this link: