You can control from Win-Test your RemoteBox, in this way when you change the band in your Radio it will be automatically detected and the antenna will be selected. There are 3 parameters you must notice in Win-test: Broadcast Network and Port

And also the Station Name.

Also you must configure at RBM program the same broadcast address used by Win-Test and the Port (remember the default port is 9871). Also which radio will be enabled so when it receives information from Radio 1 or Radio 2 that info will be used.

The network name is the name that will be used by RBM to enable the band information. In the previous RBM Setup example, when a STATUS (QRG information) comes from “EA4TX-3” the Radio 1 antenna switch will be selected. When the station name was “EA4TX-4“, the Radio 2 antenna will be used.

In this way, Win-Test will announce the frecuency of the Radio, and it will be received by the RBM and based in the Banddata set, the antenna will be selected.


Win-Test send information only about the TX frecuency of the radio, it doesn’t inform about the QRG of radio (1 or 2) or their VFOs.