The StackMain Controller is an universal stackmatch control unit.

A StackMatch is a device where you can connect several antennas – normally it uses to support 3 antennas – and one output

It’s a different concept than an antenna switch (3×1) because with the StackMatch you can select more than one port at the same time.

This is the reason it includes an UN-UN (2.25:1) so when more than 1 Port (antenna input) is selected, the UN-UN is activated.

The StackMain can select any of the following antenna combinations:

  • ANT1
  • ANT2
  • ANT3
  • ANT1 + ANT2
  • ANT1 + ANT3
  • ANT2 + ANT3
  • ANT1 + ANT2 + ANT3

It can control any typical StackMatch with 3 antennas that use 4 relays; some of the most popular stacks are:

  • Array Solution,
  • ForDXers,
  • SJ2W,
  • RemoteQTH, etc

In a simple way, you can activate any combination of the 3 antennas connected to the stack, without complex manipulations..

Thanks to a friendly user interface you can see which antenna(s) is activated.


A Windows program is included with the StackMain and it’s used for controlling the device local or remotely (TCP/IP). Aditionally, it’s used for the setup and you can:

  • Edit the antenna name: Ant1 = EU, Ant2 = ROT, Ant3 = OB11
  • Enabled the PTT option to avoid hot-switching
  • Define 4 memories with any antenna combinations
  • It supports an additional relay, that could be uses to activate a 50 ohms dummy load when an antenna coming from a triplexor was not activated.

New: Since April 2021 – optional – the extra output and which is used to activate a 50 Ohms load, has been expanded with 3 relays for the case of using 2 or 3 triplexers.

Universal StackMatch

The StackMain is an universal stack controller for any stackmatch. Actually 2 truth tables are supported but it could be added a table by request.

StackMatch Remote Control

A Windows program is included and it can control remotely the StackMain.

You can control via TCP/IP the StackMain controller. A simple and efective method is by means of a Raspberry Pi that acts as a gateway (TCP/IP <> USB). In this way, you can control with a simple RsPi several stacksMain controllers.

  • Microcontroller: The StackMain uses a Flash microcontroller @ 48Mhz..
  • 4 + 1 relays: The StackMain output (toward stackmatchs) is done via 5 wires (4 relays and ground) via 4 relays. An additional relay could be used when a triplexor is selected for some of the antennas and it requires a +12 signal.
  • USB native: The microcontroller includes a fully featured USB that is compliant with the USB Specification Revision 2.0. z.
  • Bootloader: It includes a self programmability; it means that it can update itself a new firmware version.
  • Serial Port: The StackMain is detected by the computer as a Serial/COM Port.
  • Any O.S. supported: Tested and working in Windows (XP, Vista, Win 7, 8 & 10), Linux and Mac OS X.
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  • StackMain Controller

    The StackMain Controller is an universal stackmatch control unit. It can control any typical stackmatch with 3 antennas that use 4 relays as some of the most popular stacks by Array Solution, SJ2W, RemoteQTH, EA4TX StackMatch, etc In a simple way you can activate any of the 3 antennas connected to the antenna stacks without too complex rotaties.

    Thanks to a friendly user interface you can see which antenna is activated.

    It includes 2 memories, so with a simple button (red button) you can recall any of the 2 available memories or save a new setup into any of the memories.  

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