K0AIZ program

This program displays an azimuthal map projected from the user’s location. It was designed to work with the EA4TX USB-ARS controller.   Without the ARS controller, the program allows the user to left-click on any location on the map to retrieve the short path bearing and distance to that location. A right-click will retrieve the equivalent long path bearing and distance. The user can also look up a country or an amateur radio prefix. Once selected, one can chose the long path or short path to the desired location. In addition, the user can supply a location indicated by latitude/longitude or by Maidenhead locator. Or the user can simply type in a bearing to draw the indicator. If an EA4TX controller is available, the program will automatically point the beam to the desired location. Again, the user can click on the map, search for a country or prefix, or type in a location as latitude/longitude or Maidenhead locator. To aid in understanding propagation, this software will also present the sub-solar point and either a projection of night or night plus D and F layer gray line. As an extra feature, one can invoke a sun/night/gray line demonstration that simulates the sky features using an accelerated clock. The demo can be set to any date and time and will run forward or backward from that point. This software has been extensively tested on Windows 7. Note that the EA4TX configuration software must be used to configure the controller prior to using the KØAIZ software. ARS-USB Firmware Version V2.3c or later is required for full functionality. Questions about this software may be addressed to Art Zygielbaum, KØAIZ, at k0aiz@arrl.org. You can download the software at the Download Area:   [ig_button button_text=”Download” link_type=”url” button_type_url=”https://ea4tx.com/download/download-ars-software/” open_in=”current_browser” icon=”icon-download” button_size=”default” button_color=”btn-danger” ][/ig_button]

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