These General Terms of Use, Sales Conditions, and Privacy Policy regulate the use of the website www.ea4tx.com (hereinafter “the Website”), owned by Radio C&P SL (hereinafter “the COMPANY”) with CIF B88582986 and located at C/ Fresno 67, in Rivas-Vaciamadrid, 28522 MADRID.

Through its website www.ea4tx.com, the COMPANY provides information about its products and offers the possibility of purchasing them. Due to the content and purpose of the Website, individuals who wish to benefit from its services must have the status of “Client,” which is acquired by completing the registration form and following the steps that the COMPANY subsequently communicates via email. The status of the Client implies adherence to the Terms of Use in the version published at the time of access to the Website.

In any case, there are pages of the Website accessible to individuals or legal entities who do not register or initiate a product purchase (hereinafter “Users”). In this sense, Users accessing these parts of the Website accept being subject to the terms and conditions set forth in these General Conditions, to the extent that they may be applicable.

CONTACT: For any questions, inquiries, or suggestions, you can send us your comments by email to: sales@ea4tx.com


All prices of the products indicated through the website DO NOT include VAT, although it will be calculated at the time of closing the order (checkout). The corresponding shipping costs for the products are not included, which are detailed separately and must be accepted by the Client.


The COMPANY informs the Client that the number of available units is kept updated with the stock in the warehouse. In no case will the COMPANY intentionally put more units on sale than it has available.

The COMPANY will do everything possible to satisfy all its Clients’ demands for the products.

In the event that the product is not available after the order has been placed, the Client will be informed by email of the total or partial cancellation of it. The partial cancellation of the order due to lack of availability does not entitle the cancellation of the entire order. If, as a result of this cancellation, the client wishes to return the delivered product, they must follow what is stipulated in the Returns section.


The Client agrees to pay at the time of placing the order. The corresponding fees for the relevant shipping costs will be added to the initial price shown on the Website for each of the products offered. In any case, these fees will be communicated to the Client before finalizing the purchase itself.

The ticket or purchase receipt corresponding to the purchase order will be available and can be viewed at www.ea4tx.com in the “My account” section, “Orders.”

The Client must pay the amount corresponding to their order through payment by credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electrón, and/or other similar cards), bank transfer or deposit, and Paypal. Payment by card is made with its security protocols.

The Client must notify the COMPANY of any improper or fraudulent charges on the card used for purchases, by email or by phone, as soon as possible so that the COMPANY can take the necessary actions.


The COMPANY has the maximum security measures commercially available in the sector.

That the Client is communicating their data to the COMPANY’s server center and not to any other that might try to impersonate it.
That between the Client and the COMPANY’s server center, the data is transmitted encrypted, avoiding its possible reading or manipulation by third parties.


Once the order has been placed, that is, with the acceptance of the Terms of Use and the confirmation of the purchase process, the COMPANY will always send an email to the CLIENT confirming the details of the purchase made.


The COMPANY will accept order cancellations when requested before it is shipped. To cancel, you must request it by sending an email to sales@ea4tx.com


I. Product Delivery

The COMPANY undertakes to deliver the product in perfect condition to the address indicated by the Client in the order form, which must in any case be within the areas and/or countries of delivery indicated in the purchase process. In order to optimize delivery, we kindly ask the Client to provide an address where the order can be delivered during normal business hours.

The COMPANY will not be responsible for errors caused in the delivery when the delivery address entered by the Client in the order form does not correspond to reality or has been omitted.

II. Delivery Timeframe

Shipments will be made through a courier company. The order placed by you will be delivered to you within a maximum period of 5 working days from the time we confirm the order. Although the usual delivery time for the COMPANY usually ranges from 1 to 3 days, from the completion of the order.

These deadlines are average, and therefore an estimate. Therefore, they may vary for logistical or force majeure reasons. In cases of delays in deliveries, the COMPANY will inform its clients as soon as it becomes aware of them.

Each delivery is considered to have been made from the moment the transport company makes the product available to the Client, which is materialized through the control system used by the transport company.

In the event of delays in the delivery of orders attributable to the COMPANY, the Client may cancel their order in accordance with the procedure described in the “Returns” section. Delays in delivery will not be considered in cases where the order has been made available to the Client by the transport company within the agreed-upon timeframe and has not been delivered due to the Client’s fault.

Once the order leaves our warehouses, an email will be sent to you notifying you that your order has been accepted and is being shipped.

For security reasons, the COMPANY will not send any orders to post office boxes or military bases, nor will it accept any orders when it is not possible to identify the recipient of the order and their address.

III. Delivery Data, Undelivered Deliveries, and Loss

If at the time of delivery the Client is not present, the carrier will leave a notice indicating how to proceed to arrange a new delivery. As part of the courier delivery service, the COMPANY carries out a series of follow-up actions aimed at ensuring that the delivery takes place.

If, after 7 business days from the dispatch of the order, the delivery has not been arranged, the Client must contact the COMPANY. If the Client does not do so, after 10 business days from the dispatch of the order, it will be returned to our warehouses, and the Client will be responsible for the shipping costs and the return to the origin of the merchandise, as well as any associated management costs.

If the reason for the delivery not taking place is the loss of the package, our carrier will initiate an investigation. In these cases, our carriers’ response times usually range between one and three weeks.

IV. Diligence in Delivery

The Client must check the good condition of the package in the presence of the carrier, who, on behalf of the COMPANY, delivers the requested product, indicating on the delivery note any anomaly that may be detected in the packaging. If, subsequently, after inspecting the product, the Client detects any incident such as a bump, breakage, signs of having been opened, or any damage caused to it by the shipment, they undertake to communicate this to the COMPANY via email as soon as possible, within 24 hours of delivery. From that moment on, no incidents of this type will be attended to (only warranty parts).


I. Return Procedure

All products purchased from the COMPANY may be returned and refunded, provided that the Client notifies the COMPANY of their intention to return the purchased product/s within a maximum period of up to 14 business days from the date of delivery and that the rest of the conditions established in this section are met.

The COMPANY will only accept returns that meet the following requirements:

The product must be in the same condition in which it was delivered and must retain its original packaging and labeling.
The shipment must be made using the same box in which it was received to protect the product. If this cannot be done with the box in which it was delivered, the Client must return it in a protective box to ensure that the product reaches the COMPANY’s warehouse with the highest possible guarantees.
A copy of the delivery note must be included in the package, indicating the returned products and the reason for the return.

In order to facilitate the return process for Clients and to be able to track it correctly, the COMPANY establishes the return procedure established by the COMPANY as the only one. If the reason for the return is attributable to the COMPANY (the product is defective, it is not the one you ordered, etc.), the refund amount will be reimbursed. If the reason is different (the products were correctly served but are not to your liking), the cost of the return expenses will be borne by the customer.

To proceed with a return, the following steps must be followed:

Notify within 7 calendar days from receipt that the product is to be returned. The information can be provided via email to sales@ea4tx.com or through the customer service form.
The COMPANY will inform the client of the address to which the product must be sent.
The client must send it through a courier company of their choice. The return must be paid by the client.
Inform the courier company used, the date, and time of the return.

II. Refunds to the CLIENT

The return of the products will result in a refund equal to the cost of the returned products minus the cost of the return service.

Only in the case that the delivered product is defective or incorrect, the COMPANY will also refund the Client the corresponding shipping costs.

Returns and partial cancellations will result in partial refunds.

The COMPANY will process the return order under the same system used for payment within 3 days from the confirmation of the return of the returned order to the warehouse. The application of the refund to the Client’s account or card will depend on the card and the issuing entity. The application period will be up to 7 days for debit cards and up to 30 days for credit cards.


The COMPANY holds all rights to the content, design, and source code of this Website and, in particular, but not limited to, the photographs, images, texts, logos, designs, trademarks, trade names, and data included on the Website.

Customers and Users are warned that such rights are protected by current Spanish and international legislation on intellectual and industrial property.

Likewise, without prejudice to the foregoing, the content of this Website also has the consideration of computer program, and therefore, it is also subject to all current Spanish and European community regulations in the matter.

Total or partial reproduction of this Website, or any of its content, is expressly prohibited without the express and written permission of the COMPANY.

Likewise, the copying, reproduction, adaptation, modification, distribution, marketing, public communication, and/or any other action that implies an infringement of current Spanish and/or international regulations on intellectual and/or industrial property, as well as the use of the contents of the Website, is strictly prohibited without the prior express and written authorization of the COMPANY.

The COMPANY informs that it does not grant any implicit license or authorization on the intellectual and/or industrial property rights or on any other right or property related, directly or indirectly, to the contents included on the Website.

Only the use of the contents of the website for informational and service purposes is authorized, provided that the source is cited or referenced, with the user being solely responsible for the misuse of the same.


Customers and Users are fully responsible for their conduct when accessing the information on the Website, while browsing it, as well as after accessing it.

As a result of the above, Customers and Users are solely responsible to the COMPANY and third parties for:

The consequences that may arise from the use, for illegal purposes or effects, of any content on the Website, whether or not created by the COMPANY, published or not under its name officially.
As well as for the consequences that may arise from the use contrary to the content of this document and harmful to the interests or rights of third parties, or that in any way may damage, disable, or deteriorate the Website or its services or prevent their normal enjoyment by other Users.

The COMPANY reserves the right to update the content whenever it deems it appropriate, as well as to delete it, limit it, or prevent access to it, temporarily or permanently, as well as to deny access to the Website to Customers and Users who misuse the content and/or fail to comply with any of the conditions set forth in this document.

The COMPANY informs that it does not guarantee:

That access to the Website and/or the linked Websites will be uninterrupted or free from error.
That the content or software to which Customers and Users access through the Website or the linked Websites does not contain any errors, computer viruses, or other elements in the content that may cause alterations in their system or electronic documents and files stored on their computer system or cause any other type of damage.
The use that Customers and Users may make of the information or content of this Website or linked Websites for their personal purposes.

The information contained on this website should be considered by Customers and Users as informative and guiding, both in terms of its purpose and its effects, which is why:

The COMPANY does not guarantee the accuracy of the information contained on this Website and therefore assumes no responsibility for any possible damages or inconveniences to Users that may arise from any inaccuracy present on the Website