ARS-USB Azimuth & Elevation

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The ARS-USB Azimuth & Elevation Interface is the easiest and highest performance Universal Interface for handling your Antenna Rotator. It’s connected to your rotor controller (Yaesu, Kenpro, Daiwa, HAMIV/T2X, Prosistel, etc) and you will be able to point your antennas from your computer automatically.

The ARS is a universal interface, since it can be connected to any type of motor controller; the user manual describes the connection of this one, with a long list of supported controllers.

This model corresponds to an “Azimuth and Elevation” version, but it is also available for Azimuth (1 rotator)

We have optionally the cable for some rotator models (Yaesu and Emotator)

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The ARS-USB Azimuth & Elevation Interface is detected at the computer as a Serial/COM port, so any program (Satellite Tracking, Logging program, etc.) will be able to control it via this COM Port.  Moreover it emulates a Yaesu GS232A interface; this fact has the advantage that any program that supports a GS232A will support directly the ARS-USB.

A program to guide during the setup and calibration is included: ARSVCOM (ARSconf). Also it allows to control the rotor with a graphical and friendly user interface. It’s a nice option when you want to control the antenna via the mouse and without any additional program.

ARS-USB as a Control Box:
The ARS-USB can be used as a Stand-Alone unit and does NOT require a computer. It can be used as a replacement for your original rotator. You will need to add only a 24V for the rotator plus 12-14VDC for the ARS-USB. Some AC rotors will require a capacitor. We have versions ready for several Yaesu and Prosistel motors.
Also a tool for upgrade the firmware of the ARS-USB is included: RCI_Teleload. With this software, you will upload new releases of the ARS-USB firmware.


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Weight 999 g
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 10 cm

Yaesu DIN8, No cable

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