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This is a special version based on the ARS-USB that was re-designed to be used as a rotor controller or replacement by Prosistel rotators or any rotor that use multi-turn potentiometer. It includes the same features as the standard ARS-USB but new extras as:

  • Simple and easy calibration at any rotor position in few steps.
  • Soft start and stop via a PWM. It allows to have a soft starting/stopping ramp.
  • It detects if the potentiometer is out of range and will prevent any accidental problem with the antenna coax. Any problem with the potentiometer or cables are detected inmediately
  • If the motor is jammed by any reason, an alarm will be displayed and the appointment will stop. The user will be noticed.

All those watch-dog systems (and some more included) will prevent to generate a problem if the potentiometer is damaged by any cause (any wire broken, moisture, a wrong cable connection, etc).  


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The ARS-CU_PST is a special version based on the ARS-USB with a new PCB that can be used as a replacement or controller for any rotor that uses Multi-Turn potentiometer as Prosistel rotors. In fact, it includes the same 5 pins connector used by Prosistel and the same pin assignment so it’s a Plug & Play replacement.

The ARS-CU_PST  can be connected to the computer via USB and it’s detected as a serial port, so any program will be able to control it via this serial port. Moreover it emulates a Yaesu GS232A interface; this fact has the advantage that any program that supports a GS232A will support directly the ARS-USB_PST.

A program to guide during the setup and calibration is included: ARSVCOM (ARSconf).The calibration of a Prosistel is very simple and includes a step by step guide. Never the setup of a Prosistel has been so easy! Also it allows controlling the rotor with a graphical and friendly user interface. It’s a nice option when you want to control the antenna local or remotely via Internet.

A tool for upgrade the firmware of the ARS-USB is included: Teleloader. With this software, you will upload new releases of the ARS-USB_PST firmware.


All the software can be downloaded from this link:

Therefore you no longer need to order the CD-ROM.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 10 cm

12Vdc Model, 24Vdc Model