The 6xBFP-FEL is a PCB board where you can assemble the components to build a 6x receiver antenna switch, 6x bandpass filters from 10 to 160m and a limiter to protect the receiver.

It was designed by Imanol EC2DX, Jose Ramon EA7KW, Juanma EA5RS & Pablo EA4TX and since 2017 we are using this 6xBPF-FEL at our contest stations.


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The 6xBFP-FEL is a PCB where you can build a receiver antenna switch (6 antennas), up to 6 bandpass filters and a front end limiter protector to avoid damaging the receiver by an excess signal.

Remember: Only the PCB is supplied. The BOM and schematics are available at our site.

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 22 × 19 × 0,1 cm