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The TRX-FEL (Transceiver Front End Limiter) is a RF protector and limiter for your radio transceiver. Installed between the antenna or amplifier and the transceiver, it requires to be connected the PTT signal from the radio. By default (reception) it will limited any RF signal and will avoid to damage the receiver in the proximity to other transmitters. When the PTT is activated by the radio, the Front End Limiter will be by-passed.

This model is highly recommended in multi operator contesting, SO2R or Field Day. 

Specifications in RX (FrontEnd activated)

  • Insertion lost better than 0.4dB in HF (1.8Mhz – 50Mhz) 
  • VSWR < 1.06:1 Range 1.8-29Mhz

Specifications in TX or ByPass (FrontEnd disabled)

  • Insertion lost better than 0.04dB in HF (1.8Mhz – 50Mhz) 
  • VSWR < 1.05:1 Range 1.8-29Mhz
  • Max power 150W
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The TRX-FEL is a variant of the RX-FEL – designed for receivers – that allows to be used with transceivers but in this case a PTT signal must be handled.

The TRX-FEL has 2 different behaviors via PTT signal.

  • PTT OFF (by default) the Front End Limiter protects the Radio from any excessive RF signal.
  • PTT ON the Front End Limiter is disconnected and the Input signal is routed to the Output connector.

This model is suggested for tranceivers in a high RF enviroment of other stations as SO2R or Multi Stations contesting.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Transmit with the radio without activating the PTT of the TRX-FEL will damage the FEL!!!



VSWR with the FEL activated (PTT Disabled)

VSWR with the FEL in By-PASS (PTT Enabled)

Insertion Lost with the FEL activated (PTT Disabled)

Insertion Lost with the FEL in By-PASS (PTT Enabled)


Additional information

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 3 cm