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The antenna Switch AS2x2 is a 2 Input Ports into 2 Outputs Ports, usefull for a contest station where you have a Main Radio (RUN) and a Multiplier Station (Inband) at the same band. In this way, the RUN station uses the main antenna(s) while the Inband station is looking for new multipliers or QSOs and uses an RX antenna located far from the main antenna. As soon as the Inband station passes to TX, the switch AS2x2 inverts the antennas, passing the Inband station to use the Main antenna while the RUN does not run out of antenna put to use the antenna of RX.

The AS2x2 can be connected between the RUN Radio and the Linear Amplifier (in case a Amplifier is used) and between the Inband Radio and the RX antenna. As soon as the Inband Radio activates the PTT the AS2x2 will exchange the outputs, so the Inband will use the Linear Amplifier and the RX antenna will be assigned into the RUN Radio.

The AS2x2 can be used combined with the Interlock 5R so in this case, the Interlock 5R will control automatically the antenna switching.




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  • Simple and efective 2 x 2 antenna switch; Radio 1 is connected to ANT1 and Radio 2 to ANT2. With a simple activation both antennas are exchanged.
  • Long Relay Life: UL/CSA/VDE approved sealed relays that supports 200W
  • Isolation between 2 ports: better than 70dB (1.8-50Mhz)
  • Reliable Connectors: Amphenol UHF SO-239
  • Low Voltage: Requires 10-15 Volt.
  • Wide Frequency Range: Covers DC to 100 MHz with low SWR, loss, and good isolation
  • VSWR: Under 1.1:1 below 50 MHz
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms.


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Weight 450 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 7 cm