Interlock 5R

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The Interlock 5R device ensures the compliance with Radio Contest rules for the participation in Multi-Operator categories:


  • Multi/Single: Only one transmitted signal on one band permitted.
  • Multi/2: Maximum of two transmitted signals on two different bands may be used at any time.
  • InBand: Only one signal allowed between a Radio and its associated InBand.


The Interlock supports 5 Radios (R1, R2, R3, R4 & R5) and it can be configured as M/S or M/2 so the unit will monitor that only one (M/S) or two (M/2) signals are on Air.

In case of rules violation, the unit will activate an Inhibit signal that will be used by the Radio (Yaesu/Elecraft) to STOP the transmision of the signal to the antenna.


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Yaesu and K3 are radios that include this Inhibit signal, so the interface with the Interlock is simple. Other radios (ICOM, Kenwood, etc) without an Inhibit signal should be controlled by means of a relay that will brake the Mic or Key input. There is an optional PCBN that will simply this interface with such radios.

2 of the 5 Radios can be configured as INBAND Radios (R4 & R5) and they will be associate to any of the other Radios (R1, R2 or R3). An Inband Radio and its RUN radio includes a high priority task supervisor; the interlock will allow only one the them at a time.

Each Radio support 5 levels of priority, so in case of a rule violation detection, the unit will decide – based on each Radio priority – which of the Radios should be Inhibit.


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