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Includes the AS2x6 antenna switch and its RemoteBox2x6 controller


We offer the best remote antenna switches with 2 radio and 6 antennas! We carry antenna switches with robust power ratings that eliminate crosstalk and interference caused by strong signals on other ports. This AS2x6 remote switches use quality components and are weatherproofed to stand up to the elements. Plus, installation is hassle-free, making the remote antenna switches an ideal addition to your amateur radio.

The AS2x6 Remote Antenna Switch lets you remotely switch up to 6 HF antennas into 2 coax. Eliminate a tangle of troublesome coax and have a simple and near installation with just a single coax feedline!

This bundle includes the control unit: RemoteBox 2×6. 


The RemoteBox is an universal antenna switch controller so it’s the perfect combination with the AS2x6

It includes 2 Band Data inputs so connected to the Radios it can automatically select the antenna. ICOM radios that support Band Voltage output are also supported.  

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Perfect match between the AS2x6 antenna switch and the RemoteBox 2×6 Both for remote operation and locally operating


  • Inexpensive and simple wiring: selects up to 6 antennas into 2 coax using one 2×7 (6 + Gnd) conductor telephone type control line
  • High Power Capability: The AS2x6 relay box will handle over 3 kW into matched loads below 30 MHz
  • Long Relay Life: UL/CSA/VDE approved sealed relays with 16 ampere switching current rating.
  • Reliable Connectors: Teflon UHF-style SO-239 females
  • Low Voltage: Requires 10-15 Volts at less than 300 mA.
  • Wide Frequency Range: Covers DC to 30 MHz with low SWR, loss, and good isolation
  • Highly Weather Resistant: Sealed relays, stainless hardware and Aluminum resistant case
  • VSWR: Under 1.15:1 below 30 MHz. 
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms.

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