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Universal Antenna controller that can be connected with most antenna switchs for remote or automatic control. Example of Antenna Switchs supported:

  • EA4TX (AS1x6, AS1x8, AS2x6, AS2x8)
  • SixPack (2×6)
  • SJ2W (1×6 and 2×6)
  • microHAM (Six Switch, Switch Double Six, ..)
  • RemoteQTH (1×6, 2×6),
  • DX Engineering (DXE-RR8B-HP, DXE-RR8B-SD, DXE-RR2X8B )
  • Ameritron RCS-10

In this way, the RemoteBox can control those antenna switchs by replacing the original controller. Also a windows program: RBM is included for local or remote control. Since Oct/2016 a special release that supports 4 square verticals is also available.

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The RemoteBox (RB) is an universal antenna switch controller, compatible with most of the market. It includes a Band Data input (2 on 2×6 or 2×8 models) so connected to the Radio y can automatically select the antenna. ICOM radios that support Band Voltage output are also supported.

All the software can be downloaded from this link:

Additional information

Weight 990 g
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 10 cm



RemoteBox 1×4, RemoteBox 1×6, RemoteBox 1×8, RemoteBox 2×6, RemoteBox 2×8, RemoteBox RCS10

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