StackMain Controller

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The StackMain Controller is an universal stackmatch control unit. It can control any typical stackmatch with 3 antennas that use 4 relays as some of the most popular stacks by Array Solution, SJ2W, RemoteQTH, EA4TX StackMatch, etc In a simple way you can activate any of the 3 antennas connected to the antenna stacks without too complex rotaties.

Thanks to a friendly user interface you can see which antenna is activated.

It includes 2 memories, so with a simple button (red button) you can recall any of the 2 available memories or save a new setup into any of the memories.  

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A windows program is included so you can control locally (USB) or remotely (TCP/IP) the StackMain controller.  

  • You can label the name of each antenna: Ant1 = EU, Ant2 = ROT, Ant3 = OB11
  • You can enable the PTT option so only the Stack relays will be changed during RX
  • Include 4 memories
  • Support an additional relay for a triplexor. It can enable a 12V signal when an antenna is activated via a Triplexor


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Weight 900 g
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 10 cm

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