If you want to interface Orbitron vith ARSWIN, you will need to use  WISPDDE by Fernando – CX6DD. The setup is as follows:

You must enabled at Orbitron the driver WispDDE so Orbitron will acts as a DDE Server. In this way, WispDDE will be connected and capture the information from Orbitron. To make the link you must configure at WispDDE -> Setting DDE Link:

  • Receive DDE from: Satscape
  • Source Aplication: orbitron
  • Link Topic: Tracking
  • Link Item: TrackingData
  • Query Interval: 1

Once the data (Az & El) is available at WispDDE, ARSWIN will be connected via DDE interface. Select at ARSWIN -> Satellite tracking program:

  • WispDDE

On previous picture, it’s displayed how to run Orbitron, WispDDE and ARSWIN. Press over the picture for enlarge.

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