SatPC32 is the mostly used program by AO-40 users in Germany and now also becomes more and more popular world wide.

Proceed as follows:

  • Install Arswin and start it in ‘stand alone’ mode.
    Configure the Arswin software. In the ‘Satellite Tracking Setup’
    window you will be asked for the tracking program. Select
    the option ‘None’ (because SatPC32 will work as the client). Also, calibrate the rotor end positions. Make sure that hardware and software work flawlessly in ‘stand alone’ mode.
  • Start SatPC32.
  • Open the ‘Setup’ menu, ‘Rotor setup’. Click on the control of the combo box in the upper section of the window to open the list of rotor interfaces supported by SatPC32. In the list click on the item ‘ARS’.
    Note: With older SatPC32 versions the user had to copy
    all ARS files into the SatPC32 program folder. From
    SatPC32 V. 12.4 this is no longer required.
  • SatPC32 expects Arswin.exe to be located in it’s standard folder C:\Program Files\EA4TX Software\ARS\
  • If you installed the ARS files into another folder SatPC32 will display a message saying that Arswin.exe could not be found.
  • Click the button ‘Search’ and in the dialog field that opens navigate to Arswin.Exe, mark the file name and click the button ‘Open’.
  • When you click the button ‘Store’ in the upper section of the menu path and filename of Arswin.Exe will be saved.
  • For detailed instructions read the ‘Readme(ARS) text file. It can be opened with the SatPC32 menu ‘?’ / ‘Hints [Rotor]’

More info about SatPC32 available at: