TeleLoader is used to upload a new firmware code (.hex files) into any of the EA4TX devices (ARS-USB, Interlock 5R, RemoteBox, StackMain, etc).

New firmware versions are always available at:

All firmware files uses a *.Hex format.

If you download a .ZIP file from the EA4TX web site, unzip it first.


Connect the EA4TX Device (for instance the ARS-USB Unit) to a USB Port in the computer.

Press Red button meanwhile you power on the Unit (Bootloader activation)

The LCD will not display any message, during the bootloading phase the LCD is disabled.

Run the Teleloader.exe program.

Select the firmware file (*.hex format) to be upload into the EA4TX device.

Select the COM/Serial port used by EA4TX Device (In case of doubts, check the COM Port assigned by Windows at the Control Panel)

Press «Download» button.

Once the file was uploaded correctly, the EA4TX device will automatically reboot. After restarting and during 2 seconds the version will be displayed on the LCD.

When the bootloader option has been activated, the green led (back panel of the device) has a slow flashing.

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