Windows 10 – ARSVCOM

The ARSVCOM program use an ActiveX component called: MSCOMM32. This ActiveX is used by the ARSVCOM and other programs/tools included with the ARS Product as ARSConf or Teleloader to have access to the communications port COM.

MSCOMM32 is a Microsoft module but unfortunately Windows 10 don’t support this component. Sincerely I cannot understand the reason since this ActiveX has worked Ok with previous O.S. as Windows 7 or 8.1 but Microsoft has decided not to support it anymore.

During last weeks I have been looking for a solution and today we can announce that a new ARSVCOM V6.5 was released with a new ActiveX that is supported and works fine in Windows 10. This new ActiveX is not free or cheap, but it is the only solution that I could find.

MSCOMM32 component has been very popular for developers so it’s possible you will detect that some more program that uses a communication port will not work under Windows 10.

Visit the Download Area at for this latest ARSVCOM compatible with Windows 10.

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